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Who we are

Good Business Commission (GBC) is a provider of accreditations and certifications to businesses. GBC certifies, verifies and accredits a variety of businesses, from small firms to large manufacturing enterprises. The GBC seal logo is widely recognized by consumers and instils trust and confidence in the business displaying it. (TM) is a leading provider of internet security solutions for government and private enterprise. We are headquartered in Orange County, California and are privately funded.

What is a ScanVerify trust seal?

Our trust seals are guaranteed to increase conversion rates for online stores. Research shows that the main concern customers have when shopping online are trust and security. This is especially true for first time shoppers. Our trust seal lets your customer know that your website has been verified by a third-party and is secure. This will give you a very important competitive advantage, and will often be a deciding factor between a purchase and a non-purchase. Our monthly fee will usually pay itself off with one or two purchases. In the ultra-competative online store market, can you afford not to display our trust seals?


Unlike most of our competitors, we actually have some technology behind our seals. We've developed a proprietary vulnerability scanner, that will be available to you once your membership is activated. This scanner displays a comprehensive vulnerability report that can be used to assess and correct security issues.

View sample report has a multitude of services available to online merchants. Our trust seals are clickable and display current date. Our seals come in several different looks to better integrate with your website's layout. We offer a comprehensive vulnerability scan, this scan is available to members for free.