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Protecting Consumers. Empowering Businesses.
Protecting Consumers.
Empowering Businesses.

Every ScanVerify Accredited website is verified to be secure and trustworthy. Stay safe - look for the ScanVerify Accreditation Seal.
Security for E-commerce Websites
Protection for your Online Business Site Trust Seals

[Click Seal to Display | Sample Seal] Free Trust Seals, along with Good Business Commission, is a consumer agency that provides dispute resolution, as well as review and ratings services for businesses. A accreditation is given to businesses that have been verified to be an honest, fair and ethical enterprises. A Free Trust Seal (for non-accredited businesses) means that the merchants website has passed vulnerability checks and is safe from viruses and malware.

What are Trust seals?

Trust seals, or web seals / site seals, as they are sometimes called, are clickable graphics usually used by online stores to provide proof of some kind of assurance or certification. If clicked, a trust seal displays a certification graphic specifying the online merchants name, the certifier's name and certification type. The purpose of a trust seal is to provide the customer assurance of merchant verification by a third party and assurance that the merchant's site is secure.

Benefits of Free Trust Seals

Internet is a great place for commerce. However, as most people who purchase online know, fraud on the Internet is rampant. trust seals provide assurance to consumers that merchants they are dealing with have been verified by a third party. Today, pretty much anyone with an internet connection and a bit of web design skills can build an online store. Consumers have to be careful who they trust their personal information to. Trust seals boost sales and revenue for online merchants, because more confident consumers results in more sales. Ensuring consumer confidence is especially imporant for first time buyers.

* - based on an independent B/A study in conjunction with a leading consumer search group (July 2010)